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ELIKA Real Estate has been the leading dedicated buyer’s agent in NYC since 2001, recognized by The New York Times and many others. Whether you prefer our comprehensive Full-Service Complete Package or our streamlined Light Package, with over two decades of successful representation, we have the expertise and dedication to guide you through the New York home-buying process. With our Full-Service Package, you’ll receive our undivided attention and personalized guidance throughout your journey. We’ll handle every aspect of the search, from property research and viewings to offer negotiations and post-closing support.

For those seeking a more focused approach, our Light Package provides essential support at critical stages of the home-buying process. We’ll review listing prices, draft and submit offers, and assist with condo or co-op board applications, ensuring you secure the property of your dreams.

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When you have found a property you are interested in and require fewer services, such as reviewing the listing price, submitting and negotiating an offer, and preparing and submitting a condo or co-op application, we provide the services below to help you secure the property you have found.

Services Provided:
  • Review the listing price: We will provide a detailed analysis of the listing price to ensure it is fair and competitive.
  • Submit and negotiate an offer: We will draft and submit an offer on your behalf and negotiate with the seller to get you the best possible price and terms.
  • Prepare and submit a condo or co-op application: We will prepare and submit a complete and accurate condo or co-op application package on your behalf.
  • Provide expert advice and guidance throughout the process: We will be available to answer your questions and provide expert advice and guidance throughout securing the property you have found.
Price for Service: $3,500

(For properties priced up to $750,000)

Price for Service: $5,000

(For properties priced from $750,000 – $1.5mil)

Price for Service: $7,500

(For properties priced from $1.5mil – $3mil)

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Finding and choosing the right home or investment property can be daunting. That’s why we’re here to help you every step of the way, from narrowing down your search, helping you select the best property to buy, estimating the fair market value, submitting an offer, preparing a co-op or condo board application, and negotiating with the seller to get you the best possible price and terms.

Services Provided:
  • Curated Property Searches
  • Access to all properties with efficient viewings
  • Expert Property Insight and Feedback focused on your needs
  • Listing Price Analysis 
  • Strategic Offer Structuring and Presentation
  • Skilled Negotiations
  • Mortgage Financing Assistance 
  • Condo and Co-op Board Package Preparation, Submission, and Interview Guidance in case of Co-op
  • Property Walk-Through 
  • Pre and Post-Closing Support
  • Connect you with reputable attorneys, home inspectors, and contractors when needed.
Price for Service: 0%-2.5% of Purchase Price

(Buyer’s commission depends on Seller’s offer to the buyer’s agent.)

To hire ELIKA as your buyer’s agent begin by telling us about your home search: Custom Property Search. If you have any questions before proceeding with services please contact us below.

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